Ready to build a lucrative business while creating positive ripple effects in the World?

5D Consciousness is here. Light work has been activated.


From the desk of Jennifer Cloake

Spiritualist & Intuitive Business Strategist

Dear Light Carrier,


Remember the Soul Agreement you made with Source?  It's time to fulfill your Purpose.  As the Consciousness energy elevates on Earth, it's no longer enough to chase after success.  To manifest Effortless Abundance, your business needs to have a Soul.  It needs to be serving the World in a positive way.  

A Preview of 5D Consciousness

5D Consciousness is about living in positive vibrations and frequencies.  That's great but how does that apply to business?  The current 3D marketing and sales landscape is going to change drastically.  The good news is if you understand these principles, you will not only master the Art of Business deals, you are going to thrive in a big way! 


We will no longer rely on verbal signals and written contracts.  In the 5D World, we Communicate with vibrations and frequencies in additional to human languages and protocols. 


We will no longer create separation.  We honor each other despite our differences.  The 5D World understands we are One so marketing will be a breeze if you understand the power of Community.


We will no longer manifest independently.  We Collaborate creating massive Abundance energy benefiting everyone and the Universe.

What will this Mentorship include?

Candidates accepted into my 2020 Mentorship Program will go through an 8-Week Intensive Program with Support.  10 Scholarships will be granted to cover about 90% of the costs.

  • 60-Minute private Breakthrough session to remove blocks ($122 Value) 

  • Customized Brand and Niche Identifier Review and Analysis ($250 Value)

  • Personalized Online Business Strategy Roadmap with Action Plan ($495 Value)

  • 8-Week Q&A Support while you implement the Roadmap ($1994 Value)

  • My personal business model for building Multiple Streams of Income ($997 Value)

  • My personal marketing strategy on how to start monetizing online in 30 days ($997 Value)

8-Week Mentorship at US$ 4855.00​

10 Mentorships accepted at US$ 297.00​

Scholarship application submission ends 11:59pm PST, March 31, 2020.  No payment is required at this time.  Payment is to be processed once the Application is approved.

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